Supporting the Learning and Teaching of Chinese Language for Learners of Chinese as a Second Language in Secondary Schools (2016 - 2018)


The program was sponsored by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) and was launched in June 2016. We have invited 30 secondary schools in Hong Kong to include non-Chinese students. Eight of the seed schools accepted the program team at least twice a month to school support, and teachers to design teaching materials and teaching activities, research and development for different background students of the school-based Chinese courses and teaching methods. The program also provides appropriate support for 22 online schools to organize seminars and workshops on various Chinese teaching methods. Through the ad hoc web platform, this program provides teachers with free Chinese language test questions for different categories and levels. Seminars and workshops activities to help teachers improve the effectiveness of Chinese teaching; more students to provide works published cross-cultural online student magazine "Huibin subset", the game and talent show news, to observe each other to enhance the Chinese learning ability. In the end, the program sums up the experience and information obtained from school teachers and non-Chinese speaking students, analyzes and organizes the teaching theory of the system, and organizes international seminars to disseminate results to different educational circles.

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